Rent Your Sign !!!

                          We have the following signs to rent /daily/weekly/monthly

A- Banners

   1- Grand Opening   3'x20' (RWY) 40.00/week  2'x10' (RWY) 16.00/week

       2'x14' (BW) 20.00/week 2'x11' (RW) 18.00/week

   2- Opening Soon   2'x12' (RYY) 15.00/week 2'x12' (RWY) 17.00/week

       2'x8' (RYY) 13.00/week  2'x6' (RWY) 12.00/week 3'x16' (RWY) 29/week

       2'x9' (RW) 15.00/week

   3- Closing Sale  4'x6' (RW) 16.00/week

   4- Sale   4'x12' (RW) 34.00/week  - 3'x6' (RW) 15.00/week

   5- Under New Management 2'x6'(RW)12.00/week - 2'x20' (RW) 28.00/week

   6- Now Open 1.5'x8' (RY) 19.00/week  2'x12' (RW) 17.00/week 

   7- Closing Down Sale  2'x12' (RWY) 17.00/week

   8- Side Walk Sale  3'x4' (RW) 15.00/week

  • There is a possibility to add a custom message on some banners with an extra charge .


B- Stands

    1 - Sandwich Boards   24"x36"   10.00/week    24"x36"    12.00/week      32"x48"   15.00/week

    2 - Vertical Stands    22"x28"  20.00/week

    3 - Tripod        10.00/week

C- Neon signs

OPEN  = 15" x 24"      $20.00/week   -  $50.00/month

D- Light Boxes

 18"x24"       15.00/week     24"x24"      20.00/week    24"x36"   30.00/week

 **Please ask for other options and items.

**There will be a security deposit on all rental signs - Some are not always available .

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