The Man Behind The scene


My name is Medi , the owner of Sign & Print, the person you are going to meet if you come to my store.

I love my job and I love what I do.

Maybe as  human beings we look like each other, but there is a world of differences  in the way we think,  live and express ourselves.

The same way that maybe all businesses resemble in facade,  there is a great deal of variety in the way we manage them and communicate with our customers. As I mentioned earlier we  specialize in custom made signs and printing products. For us this means a unique creation for each customer. Maybe a business card or a sign has the same  overall appearance as other cards or signs, but the successful one is the one that projects, like our face a special and unique expression. It is a manifestation of who we are, and not an indication of the style of its designer.

As a master in my profession I use all my knowledge to create a proper product that will meet your  highest  expectations. With your help, I become the perfect tool for expressing your individuality. In order to communicate at this level, I need a direct contact with the client. For this reason, our website doesn't have a purpose to sell products. Instead, it gives as much information as  possible to help customers take the first step in deciding  the right product and the right man.

I studied art and architecture in France and since my arrival in Canada, I have been involved in commercial advertising, design, sign and printing. Although I view myself as an artist I have a very rational approach to each of my projects. I have only one target -- to help my customer  sell his or her product. To reach this goal, I always apply  the same rule to all products, but the expression are  unique and related to the customer and his or her special needs.


As our products are essentially  visual . I believe in the following rules:

  • First,  my product should  Inform.

  • Second, my product should give a clear Message.

  • Third, my product should be Attractive.

  • Forth, my product should be Expressive.


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